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Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

How many times can we see you in person prior to the wedding?

Usually, we would meet 3 or 4 times before the day but I am always happy to work with you leading up to the ceremony. I am available to chat with you by phone whenever you wish. This is all included in the ceremony fee.

Oceanfront Wedding

How far will you travel for our wedding ceremony?

Most of my ceremonies are on the Gold Coast. For weddings in Brisbane or Northern New South Wales we would discuss a travel fee if appropriate. 

Want to get married overseas???  If you can buy me a ticket I'll be there!!


Should we have a rehearsal before our wedding day?

It's really up to you. Not all couples have a rehearsal however if you would like to have one I am more than happy to oblige and this is included in the ceremony fee. The choice is always yours.


Is the fee you quoted the total amount we have to pay?

Yes, it is. If for whatever reason, you needed to change the venue of your ceremony, which required additional extended travel we would discuss that prior to the ceremony. My total ceremony fee is as quoted in Your Booking Form.

Close-up Image of Microphone

Should we use a microphone during our ceremony?

Yes I suggest that you do particularly if it is an outside venue for the ceremony. I have a PA system which I use and this can also be used for any special music or songs you may wish to play during the ceremony.


Do we need to organise a signing table for the ceremony?

Yes you do although most venues will be able to provide a signing table for the ceremony 

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